Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever: The answer may surprise you. In this epsiode John will share his special juice recipe for weight loss. After watching this episode, you will have a strategy to start loosing weight today.


Here are the results of one year of juicing and raw food. My one year transformation with a plant base diet my before and after pics and my weight loss numbers. (Some meat was consumed)

How I lost 112 pounds

I lost weight doing a combination of things. If you want to lose weight here are the MAIN KEY things that will GUARANTEE you weight loss:

1. Portion control! You can eat whatever you want when you are trying to lose weight! The key is eating small meals throughout the day! You want to focus on a lifestyle change. Not a diet that will be over when you reach your goal. So watch your serving sizes instead of deciding what you can or can’t eat.

2.Burn more calories than you consume! If you want to lose weight calories do count! to lose a pound you must burn 3500 calories. Keep in mind your body is burning up calories all day long! Find a physical activity that you enjoy and try to do it at least 5 times a week [Smile]

3.Drink water! Don’t drink your calories!! Cut out the soda and the sugary drinks. Its junk, your body does not need it! Just more calories you will consume, with no nutritional value.
ORGANIC-BODY-CLEANSE-PNG.pngMan Loses More Than 400 Pounds
David Smith once weighed 650 lbs has now lost over 400 lbs with the help of his trainer now great friend Chris Powell