I Cured HIV Dr Hannah Gay

I Cured HIV | Dr Hannah Gay | Oxford Union

Filmed on Friday 1st November 2013

HIV-cured baby Published on Mar 4, 2013 | CNN talks to Dr. Hannah Gay who helped functionally cure a baby with HIV

Dr Hannah Gay speaks of how she discovered that a treatment to prevent HIV turn out to be the cure.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr Hannah Gay begins by outlining what the usual treatments are for babies who’ve been exposed to HIV before she moves on to the method she undertook. She reiterates that her aim was to prevent HIV, not to cure it. Her logic was to administer 3 preventive drugs within the baby as this was the standard procedure used in adults. The benefits of using 3 is that it lowers the viral resistance when combinations of drugs are used.  Cured HIV Dr Hannah Gay  

DR CLARK ► DR Hulda Clark Cure For All Diseases


DR Hulda Clark Cure For All Diseases


Dr. Hulda Clark discovered that many of our diseases are caused by combination of toxins compromising the immune defenses of a particular body organ and then a particular parasite taking advantage of that lowered immunity to establish itself in that organ.

(Dr. Clark defined a toxin as any substance which your immune system attempts to remove from your body.) For example, she discovered that all cancers begin with an accumulation of the toxin isopropyl alcohol in the liver, which in turn allows the parasite Fasciolopsis buski, or human intestinal fluke, to establish itself there. After that, other factors intervene to allow cancer to develop anywhere in the body.

Another example is for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or A.I.D.S. This disease originates with an accumulation of the toxin benzene in the thymus gland, which in turn allows the same parasite that assists in causing cancer, Fasciolopsis buski, to establish itself there. This begins a systemic decimation of the immune protections of a number of other organs.