Cataract Reversal Naturally

Reverse Cataracts and eliminate cataracts naturally without surgery

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness around the world and a leading cause of vision loss in the US. Eighty percent – that’s 80% — of individuals age 75 and above will suffer from some form of cataracts.
But what exactly is a cataract?

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye, which is normally crystal clear and used for focusing light to produce sharp visual images.

The lens of the eye is mostly composed of water and proteins. When the proteins in the lens age or become damaged, the lens starts to become cloudy which prevents all the light reaching the eye to come through. As a result, you cannot see clearly anymore which results in deteriorating vision. In time, a cataract can grow larger and cloud a larger portion of the lens, making it harder to see.

When you develop a cataract, it seems as if you are looking through a fuzzy or cloudy haze that blurs your vision. Cataracts can also affect your depth perception so that it becomes more difficult to judge distances, and they often require that you need more light in order to see things clearly.

When you have cataracts, it also often seems as if your glasses are always dirty and their presence can make your eyes get tired when you are reading or produce the phenomenon of seeing halos in the sunlight.

Cataracts usually develop quite slowly and can appear in one or both eyes. They’re produced from a whole host of causes, such as:
• Free radicals, which cause oxidation and aging of eye tissue (similar to hardening of the arteries)
• Sunlight, whose UV content can cause cataracts
• Aging of the eyes, since a normal hardening of the lens occurs as we age
• Food allergies or sensitivities or poor nutrition and digestion, which can result in decreased nutrition to the eyes
• Pharmaceuticals, which can produce cataracts as a side-effect
• Smoking, which increases the risk of cataracts by 50%
• Diabetes, which increases the likelihood of cataracts
• Alcohol consumption, which can double the risk of cataracts

Cataract Reversal Naturally

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