Month: November 2012

Weight Loss Tips 101

Weight Loss Tips 101 | Organic Detox Diet when waste matter doesn’t move along quickly through the colon, it dehydrates and hardens, becoming a thick and sticky mass. This old, undigested and putrified matter becomes Toxic and more difficult for the body to eliminate, harboring unwanted bacteria, toxins and parasites. Eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables raw, broiled, steamed or baked.  WEIGHT LOSS FLUSH (click Here) The Grocery Manufacturing Association reports 70 percent of all food in your grocery store contains a toxic substance that produced multiple tumors in lab subjects.  Many of these substances knowingly cause or are linked […]


   LIVER CLEANSE DETOX The human body detoxification process is performed each minute of every day removing naturally occurring waste and toxins that invade our bodies, through our toxic food intake, the air that we breath, as well as the pores of our skin, and cell destruction. Digestive and Intestinal Tracts, Blood Stream, Kidneys, Skin, Lungs, Liver.  Why Detox the Liver? The liver is the body’s main blood filtration organ, which works hard to ensure that toxins introduced to your body are properly processed, moreover, it is possible to overwhelm the liver, compromising its ability to function optimally.